Inside the studio


A room of one’s own…

Every time I walk through the gates of Liverpool’s Bluecoat, cross the courtyard and enter the front door, I feel privileged. Not only do I have my own studio, that all-important “room of one’s own”, I have a private space inside one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings.


When asked the inevitable question, 'what do you do', I don't always know how to answer. I know that I stitch, paint, knit, draw, design, make, assemble and embroider. That I am curious about many things, like to explore new concepts and ideas but only feel truly at peace when using my hands to make something.

I know that the Architects Registration Board allows me to call myself an architect. But do they know I make dolls, and crochet gloves from silk and mohair? And does that make me something less of an architect or something more?

In my world, there is no hierarchy or separation of art, craft, design and architecture. Just a great tapestry of things to discover, labyrinths that lead to magical places.

Here's what I do: I explore, connect and construct; make patterns, shapes and stories. The result may be something to wear, something to hold, something to hang on the wall or somewhere to live.